Over the years here at solid oak designs we have also enjoyed creating a variety of bespoke and branded/engraved products for both small and large businesses, this has included custom signs and branding bespoke furniture for bars/ restaurants and holiday homes, branded serving platters and coasters, trophies, and continually working with a large international perfume company creating bespoke oak caps and again many branded displays.

Today, although our business has grown, it still stands proudly with the same attention to detail and quality that we have always maintained. We believe that we have nurtured our passion and our craft has matured into a tremendous strong oak within its own right with plenty of experience. We are so confident in the workmanship of all our products and we promise you will not be disappointed, not to mention receiving a warm and friendly service you would hope to find from a small local company who simply loves what it does!

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss with us directly call Gavin on 01302 238109 or alternatively complete the form below and one of our team will get straight back to you.

Examples of our work

Branded serving platters

Firejacks restaurant full refurbishment, including oak bar with resin insirts, shelving, tables and table branding.

Solid oak custom made Perfume Stand for Display in Selfridges London.

Memoize perfume

Branded display boards for Mc’Callums Liqueurs

Oak Handcrafted Memorial Bench

Solid oak custom made perfume stand used for display in Fortnum and Masons London

The Mini Bar, fully renovated Horse box into mobile bar.

Bespoke oak Trophies